“The experience that I gained from successfully completing the Point Program was like nothing else that I have done. The intense focus on team work, personal accountability, and self-awareness, has allowed me to enjoy phenomenal personal growth in all areas of my life.
Men should go into the Point program with the attitude that they don’t know what they don’t know!

I learned more about myself then I anticipated; many of my behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes that I always thought were helpful, were shown to be symptoms of my needs to grow and develop as a man.

I recommend Point Program for any man who is serious about facing his opportunities to improve; and is willing to change those behaviors, attitudes, and tactics that he has spent his lifetime practicing!”

Mark Wiener Consultant

Testimonial for Better Men - Mark Weiner


“My Personal Point experience was one of the best journeys I’ve undertaken as a man. To say it was transformational is an understatement. I went in with an open mind but low expectations and left knowing truths about myself as a man that I needed to know. More importantly those truths led to a deep clarity about how to begin the journey to becoming the man I have always wanted to be.”

– – Peter G. Doyle – Sales Consultant

better men testimonial peter doyle


“I pointed 13 years ago and the lessons I learned still resonate with me today. I am able to operate at a higher level in my personal life as well as my business environment from the training I learned on the point team. I highly recommend it.”

– Steven Gimbelman – Corporate Executive


“The Point program was intense and well worth it. It gave me the “Tools” to be successful in my life, business and most importantly, with my family. Coming off 2 years of disability I found the program extremely useful in getting my life back on track. As a father of 3 beautiful girls under the age of 6, I utilize the skills obtained to manage my life, Raise my daughters with integrity and be the father that my family needs me to be.”

Garth Gutierrez – Father, Husband, Business Owner


“Prior to being “Pointed” I thought I had myself/ life together.Which to some degree I did. But when I finally realized I could only get so far by myself, my real truth rose to the surface. “I did not trust other men & was stuck in a lone wolf syndrome”

My experience with PointMan was very challenging. It forced me to work up to a higher level. The more uncomfortable I was made, the bigger the reward was at the end. I went thru this program only knowing a few of the other men. I was surprised to see just how quickly I could identify with the others after trust was built between us.

J. R. Ferullo taught me what it takes to be on a team & win in every area of my life.”

Paul Margaritis IV – Father, Husband, Business Owner


“Jerome Ferullo pointed me many years ago, and I fought him all the way. This experience was very beneficial to me and taught me to step up my successes with greater and “real” humility. Mr.Ferullo helped me to learn to father men, not mother them by giving them the easy solutions. I’ve also learned what it means when I declare, “I will not do it alone!”

Respectfully submitted, Robert Black Esq., PA


“I’ve know J.R. Ferullo for some 18 years now and the man continues to challenge me to be the best man I can be with life, love & happiness. It’s not easy to hold the mirror up to me so I can see my blind spots. His enrolling manner makes the process easier. When I first met him I was a good man living a good life. Now I’m a great man living the life of my dreams on my own terms!”

R. A. Wright lll, Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur


I have completed 4 weeks of work with J.R. inside the “Walkie Talkie” program. I just looked back on what I have achieved in that time, and one thing stands out: forward progress. Sometimes what we need is a good kick in the ass paired with real challenges to change our way of thinking. I was “stuck” a month ago, not knowing how to dig myself out of a self-loathing hole. J.R. not only cut through and got to the core issues, but he also provided some tried-and-true hacks to start digging out. I am at the start of my journey back to being an empowered man and have just signed up for another 4 weeks.

– Matthew Cusack (Developer / Technician)


Initially my plan was to spend 4 Monday nights talking with this guy Jerome for an hour and maybe learn something. 16 weeks later, I have looked back and am stunned at the territory we covered taking an honest look of how I am living my life.

I call this a combination of simple universal principles presented with a masterstroke of someone who has sat in countless rooms listening to men tell their stories. Spoiler alert… we are all the same! This is not a magic bullet and the work that needs to be done is your own. But if you do it with integrity,  you can transform your life.

This experience will be something I will carry forward for the rest of my life, and better yet, pass it on to my son. Step up and take a shot… you only have one.”

– Matthew Cusack (Developer / Technician)

Many more to come!