Motor Men

All Men are born the same just like car engines. We all need air to breath & fuel to run on. As we grow older, we may idle at a different RPM and depending upon the miles we have accumulated we start to run very differently. Some of us have traveled pretty rough roads, others have had their paths paved very well for them, while others are just racing in one large circle going round & round without any change whatsoever and slowly losing themselves.

How we take care of ourselves will dictate how much longer we will remain on the road, our idle RPM & top speed. The golden rule to a longer lasting engine is to keep changing the oil. The better oil you use, the better it will run.

My programs are a good well-deserved visit to the shop. I will start with a good diagnostic, run a couple quick tests, begin with a tune up & complete with an oil change for the mind, body and spirit. From the inside out. Where it counts! Now you are ready for another 100,000 miles of whatever kind of road you want to travel.

When men come together and observe how much alike they are that’s when healing is impactful. We tend to think of our problems as unique or special. We will always isolate ourselves when we do that, and it is extremely difficult to heal or improve on our own. Been there, tried that. Failed!

Are you tired of being Sick & Tired? Make the call today.

You Have One Shot at Life, Make it Count!

Excuses, Excuses…

Remember the expression: “Excuses are like A – holes, everybody’s got one” After doing this work with countless men for almost 20 years, believe me when I tell you that I have heard it all. I have heard so many excuses from other men as to why they were late or why they could not keep their word that I can actually finish their excuse before they can. How about that? It’s not because I have any type of clairvoyance, its because I really have heard it all. So much so that what’s new for me is when new men immediately own up to their shit and give me a “reason” why and not an excuse.

Ah, there it is! Listen closely… Is it an excuse or is it a reason? The next time you are about to explain to someone why you could not keep your word. Which way are you choosing? An excuse is typically rehearsed, it comes out defensive with bullet proof armor and is hiding something. While a reason gets to the core of the matter quickly, leaves you defenseless and vulnerable & exposes you for who you really are. Sounds scary right? Why would you ever want to do that, leave yourself defenseless & vulnerable? Especially when you have been building that custom made suit of armor your whole life to protect you. I’ll tell you why… Cause it will set your ass free! It gets you to the truth quicker than liquor. Nothing to rehearse. Nothing to hide. Imagine that! Now that’s freedom. Are you tired of making up excuses to other people and yourself ? Would you like to know the reasons you do so?? Do you want to live life with more freedom??? Contact us anytime.

One Life, One Shot. Make it Count!

J. R. Ferullo

Top 10 Men Musts

The following are just some simple basics that I believe most men should posses in order to take care of themselves & their families.
  1. The ability to change a flat tire on their own.
  2. Start a good clean burning campfire with matches.
  3. Defend himself & his family. Both physically & verbally.
  4. The ability to say “No” powerfully.
  5. The use of basic power tools.
  6. How to properly approach / meet women with confidence & respect.
  7. Cook a great meal!
  8. Cut down a tree without killing themselves or anybody else.
  9.  How to properly handle firearms.
  10. Have some F’n Fun!
So I could on & on about the countless times I have witness grown men throwing punches like little girls and trying to light logs on fire with a lighter and calling me up asking how to change a flat tire & so on… I have some great funny & sad stories regarding the list above, but will refrain. For now! Take a good look at the list above. Are you able to check off a “yes” next to each one? Most of them? Some of them? What I did not learn from my step- father I learned from always being in the company of “My Boys” { the pack of kids I grew up with} or by having strong masculine relationships with other men. Did or do you have any of that? Have you isolated yourself? Guess what? If your reading this its probably time for you to learn some new skills and get back in the big game called LIFE? One Life, One Shot. Make it Count!

Macho, Macho Man…

The following is the definition of a Masculine relationship:

You have probably heard the phrase before but never fully understood what it means. I will give you a hint: It’s the opposite of a feminine relationship.

“The ability to speak openly & honestly Man to Man on the spot”

Sounds simple right? Allow me to explain: When two men meet up and are having a conversation and one man throws what we will call a little “dig” {insult} at the other man AND the other man says nothing at the time, yet stews about it on his ride home… Well guess what? That’s a feminine relationship. But when two men are conversing and the same thing happens the man on the receiving end of that little dig IMMEDIATELY says “What the hell is that suppose to mean?” and holds the other man accountable for his words, well that my friend is a good example of a Masculine relationship. Get it?

The Clean Up: So how do you hold another man accountable for his words? It’s a 3 step process and I would like you to try it on for size the next time something like this happens to you.

  1.  “This is what you said” Stick to just what he said or did but just the
    facts without any story. If the facts are accurate they are undebatable.
  2. “This is how it made me feel” Say what you felt, not what you think.
    If your feelings are genuine the other man will feel it.
  3. “This is what I need from you” What you are asking for here is
    something that will enable you to forget & forgive so that it never
    comes up again in conversation. Never! A peace offering if you will.

Stick to your guns on the spot and your mind will have far less of those BS stories running around in there that you keep making up about other people & you will sleep better at night as well.

One Life, One Shot. Make it Count!

J. R. Ferullo

Once Upon A Time…

If I only had a dollar every time I heard: Once I get my finances in order… or Once I free up some time… or Once I get this project done… or Once I turn a certain age… Sound familiar? Seems like most men need to get all their ducks in a row and shoot them down one at a time. I’m here to tell you that instead of working like that in series, its quite possible to work on 3 projects at a time in parallel. But placing that aside for a moment is a more important question. When?? When are you going to start going to the gym? When are you going to start saving money & getting your finances in order? When are you going to start making more time for yourself? And here’s the BIG one: When are you going to start improving your business / career ?? Lets focus on just one, the BIG one, your career. I’ve heard it said that when a man is not performing well in his career, he is not performing well anywhere else. We seem to attach so much of our self worth to our careers. Probably been that way for hundreds of years. And that’s okay. So I’m here to tell you that you will NEVER get your business / career off the ground the way you always envisioned it to be unless you first take care of yourself both physically & mentally. You just cant lead the charge of a General with Sargent stripes! So now back to Parallel Performance. If your like most men you become complacent until you just cant take the pain anymore or you are sick & tired of being sick & tired. Think about this; Why cant you one day just wake up and change your entire life? I’m here to tell you that you can and that you already know enough to get the ball rolling. Start off by going to the gym you probably already belong to and do what you already know how to do. You can always hire a personal trainer inside that location to help you beyond the basics. As far as your diet goes, my God man you already know what you need to STOP eating and what you need to START consuming. Start feeding your mind what it is craving as well, KNOWLEDGE! There are so many great books / resources out there that you already know the topics you need to be reading about. If you just cant seem to save up any money start with a coin jar, yes a coin jar! I have had one since I was a kid and you will be surprised on how much you can generate with that. It also is just good habit forming practice. Today I still have my coin jar and a dollar jar too! It has taught me how to save in percentages, not amounts. I typically use that money now for one of the BIGGEST things a man needs in his life. HAVING FUN! So to wrap this up, every day I work on improving my physical body, my thirst for knowledge, my business, my finances & I have FUN at least once a week! You can too. Start off doing what you already know what you need to do. After that get into some form of accountability program in every area of your life. Making up your mind is important to get you going but lasting power {commitment} comes from being around like minded people who are committed to helping you with your goals for the long term. That is the foundation of our program. Commitment, Accountability, Inspiration, Results!! One Life, One Shot. Make it Count! J. R. Ferullo

Happily Ever After, or Not?


This is to the men out there who have been married for more than 10 years and are “Miserable in their Marriage” So let me see if I can guess the tune you have been singing for a while now: 1) Nobody around here appreciates or understands me, I just pay for stuff. 2) The thrill is gone, sex ended years ago! 3) I don’t get any respect, my wife talks down to me. Sound familiar? Well guess what, you are not alone. That’s the norm for the majority of married men in this country. Unfortunately a lot of you seek some other form of satisfaction thru a vice. Like drinking, gambling, strip clubs or even getting a girlfriend on the side. Now that’s a powder keg just waiting to explode.

Where do you think it all went wrong for you? Go back to that day on the alter when you were taking your vows. What did your future look like then? What were your expectations? Let me clear up a BIG misconception. Taking care of your family is NOT your life’s purpose. It is your responsibility! You are responsible for all your actions. Responsible for where you live, how you live, impregnating your wife, your children, your debt & so on… Oh, and yeah, your happiness. Stop looking for others in your household to make you feel more complete. That’s not their job, it is yours!!

Now discovering your life’s purpose is a whole other story in itself. Lets just stick with cleaning up this so called mess you feel like you are in now and you can move on to that later. Remember this: You are the Captain of this ship. You direct the course in which you are embarking. Your Wife manages the crew {details} If you hold steady on the right course and don’t micro- manage HER duties, you will both get along a hell of a lot better.

There are actions you can take to turn most, if not all of this around. Now I understand that as time goes on people can grow apart. One person matures while the other wants to stay right where they are. Preferences change, tastes change, and life changes you! I get it, but like I said earlier: You have a responsibility towards your children and they come first! So if you cant save your marriage, save your children for God’s sake. {probably from what you went through} Then you can split up after that.

So what can you do now? First off, start talking to other men who are married and share what you are going thru. Do you have a best friend? Start meeting up for dinners, golf, bowling, shoot some pool. Just start talking about it. Putting yourself on that island called “Nobody understands me” is a damnation to hell. All you are doing is making yourself right & everybody else wrong. Guess what? NOTHING CHANGES!! Oh, and if you don’t have a best friend, why not? What the hell happened there?

Next get a good clean hobby. Get back to the interests you had when you were younger, perhaps much younger, before life started to tarnish over your clean youthful shine. The best thing you can do for you and your loved ones is to bring back a sense of adventure. Start with yourself and then spread that adventure to everyone in your household. They will all love you for it. It lifts the spirit, recharges the soul & connects you to one another. Never fails. Lastly, start dating your wife again. Get the hell out of the house. Talk to her like you really want to get into her pants. Remember that???

If you don’t feel like you have the resources to accomplish this alone or if you have already destroyed your household and are going thru a divorce then sign up on our waiting list. You will be contacted the next time around to participate in a learning adventure with a Band of Brothers who are going thru similar struggles. You will be glad that you did. One Life, One Shot. Make it Count!

J. R. Ferullo

Honor Thy Father

Everything a man is or is not today is based on his relationship with or without his father. Now don’t get me wrong. A strong woman is very capable of raising a good son but there are qualities a good father will poses that only he can provide.

I once heard a saying that all a son has to do to hurt his father is to become a failure. Many sons have inadvertently / subconsciously done just that to get back at their fathers for not being there for them. How sad is that? But think about it, it makes perfect sense to continue that negative dysfunctional legacy. The passing of the baton sort of speak…

When a father is no longer present in a young mans life it actually takes the collective efforts of many honorable dedicated men to make up for it. I myself was raised by a step father from the age of 6 – 16 who never really wanted much to do with me. I just came along with my mother as a package deal. He was caught cheating on her and kicked out. From there I spent the next 10 years acting out and getting into trouble until I met a man {My Shihan} and studied karate for the next 4 years. In that time I was surrounded by men of integrity where I learned self discipline, honor, and the rewards for my hard work and efforts.

I have worked with many men who have carried this father baggage on their shoulders well into their 40’ – 50’s & even 60’s and I’m here to tell you that it is never too late to get clean with your father. Even if he has passed on.

Are you successful in your life? Are you the man you always wanted to be? Are you clean with your father?

One Life, One Shot. Make it Count!

J. R. Ferullo

Gotta Have Faith

As soon as most people hear that saying or anything to do with faith, they immediately link it to God or religion. Well I’m here to talk about another kind of faith. “Faith in Yourself” Now I ask you to think about a time in your life when you accomplished something that to this day your still not sure how you did it? Well that my friend is called “Faith in Action” and that occurs when the following happens:
  1. You first make up your mind what you want to achieve.
  2. You start moving forward and taking actions in that direction {and here’s the tough part} without knowing / having all the answers.
Sounds simple right? Not really. Most men usually allow the following get in their way: a) I need to finish up this other thing first b) I need to have everything figured out first. c) I need to have all my ducks lined up in a row before I can begin. d) I don’t have the time or money to begin. Sound familiar? That last one is typically the most common. You will never have enough time or money to begin a new venture, especially a self improvement adventure! Why? Because your Ego wants to stay exactly where it is. Where it is most comfortable. Where nothing changes, especially you. Ever notice every time you attempt some new kind of self improvement be it a diet, going to the gym, higher form of education, that life just seems to throw everything at you all at once to prevent it? Its not by coincidence, its by design. Your ego’s design. There is a way however to combat that. First make a strong verbal commitment to others or a written commitment to yourself. Or both! Signed & sealed. You will then be moving forward in Faith as opposed to Fear. Faith in your ability to get the job done. Faith in the knowledge you have already acquired, Faith in a higher purpose. Faith in yourself. Its time you moved forward in life based on faith and not fear. How are you operating now? What influenced your last major decision? One Life, One Shot. Make it Count!

J.R. Ferullo

Essential Skills

In an effort to sum up what the program offers, below is an example of what is taught:

“Essential Survival Skills for the Modern Man”

It appears since my grandparents day, {three generations back}a lot about owning ones true masculine side is being slowly washed away. I am noticing more & more “nice guys” who are far more concerned about their physical appearance/social correctness rather than their internal masculine make up. As a result the modern man is becoming wishy-washy, timid, & overly sensitive.

The following are what I am calling my “Top 3” in a long list of essential survival skills that my program offers the so called “modern man” today.

  1. Being able to say “No” powerfully: This is all about avoiding conflict. It’s much easier to say a quick “yes’ in the moment, only to discover that you really did not want to commit to it. What usually happens is not being able to keep your word and all the ramifications that come with breaking your word. Discover how to say no & keep your word here.
  2. The ability to approach women with class & confidence: How many times have you heard your buddy tell you about a beautiful woman he saw the other day? And how many times have you heard he didn’t even say hello? Its all about confidence my friends. It’s so typical of us, when we see a beautiful woman with a man that doesn’t quite fit the picture we say “he must be rich”. Well I’m here to tell you what he is; he is confident to carry her. If his money gives him that confidence, so be it.
  3. Knowing how to defend yourself: I am shocked to see just how many men today cannot throw a decent punch. We will assist with the basics and even more so will help with defending ones self verbally, on the spot, in the heat of the moment. Learn more…

So Say We All,

J.R. Ferullo

God Given Purpose

Did you know that your purpose in life is not something you can create on your own? Your purpose in life is big, really big. It’s so big that most people spend their lives avoiding it or justifying something else as their purpose.

It is also not just taking care of your family. That is your responsibility due to the prior choices you made in your life. Your true purpose is an adventure that you will want to sweep your family & friends up into.

Your purpose in life was given to you by God on the day you were born. If you are not dead certain you are living into it right now then it is still waiting for you. It always has been.

Your purpose in life will come to you when you are ready to receive it and not before. There are two things you must do to receive it.

  1. Ask for it.
  2. Prepare for it.

E-mail me to find out more………..if you dare!

J.R. Ferullo